About Lan Tuazon


Lan Tuazon studied at the Cooper Union in 1999, received a MFA from Yale University in 2002 and finished a residency at the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2003. She has exhibited internationally at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in Germany, Floating IP and The Lowry Museum in London and with the Ize Cultural Foundation, Artist Space, Canada Gallery, Sculpture Center, and Apex Art in New York.

Her art practice addresses circulation, the order of things and public space. Current projects include Insert Magazine, a sex magazine that places sexual content into where it is lacking – mostly commercial publications. She is the curator of Invisible Graffiti Magnet Show where she exhibited artist made magnets onto Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipse (2006) whose work was stored in a shipping yard in the Bronx and why the curatorial art project culminated into a written manifesto on public intervention projects published by Redcat Gallery (2007).

Lan Tuazon, originally from Pacific Islands, currently lives and works in New York.


304 Meserole Street, 3F

Brooklyn, NY, 11206



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