Walter Robinson on Fantasy Coffin: Bury me upside down:

“Other wacky stuff around town included an oddly shaped coffin at Apexart by Lan Tuazon, designed, according to the artist, so that she can be buried face down so God can kiss her ass!”  With its angles, it looks kind of Cubist.  The sculpture was included in a show titled “Don’t Get It Twisted! Violence Affects Everyone,” organized by students from a “second chance” New York City public school called Satellite Academy. The young curators posted typewritten statements explaining their curatorial choices, and Acobe hazarded that though she liked Tuazon as an artist, she was confident that she would go to hell for her blasphemy…  Read full article on artnet.

Naomi Beckwith on Insert Magazine:

“There are some projects that are appropriately bawdy and bodily while maintaining a simultaneous sense of play and critique. Insert magazine made its appearance around Valentine’s 2007 as a sampler of both high and low-brow culture captured in a way that makes Barthes sound scandalous. Better yet, Insert plays on its form (a small zine that could exist inside a larger book or magazine) and is droplifted into other publications by its creators: Ryan Holmberg, Garrett Riccardi, Marco Roso, and Lan Tuazon. The zines are distributed by a generous act of civil disobedience while recuperating eroticism—its creator calls it “bookf**king”. If you’re lucky enough to come across one, share it with the ones you love… Read full bog on art: 21


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